My job as a voice teacher is to provide my students and clients with a precise diagnosis and a methodical prognosis to any voice related issues they might have.

There are a number of reasons someone may wish to take voice lessons. Whatever the specific reason, striving to achieve one’s artistic truth is the goal. My holistic approach as a teacher allows each student to find his/her own voice as a creative artist. I believe my role as an educator is not to relay information in a detached context, what I call teaching “at” a student, but to lead that student in a discussion to illicit the proper physical, mental, and musical adjustments. It is my goal to facilitate a safe environment for students to take risks, make mistakes, listen critically, and articulate his/her thoughts. We work towards freedom of expression and letting go of fear. Fear is the single greatest enemy of any artist: If you're afraid of how your music will go, you won't be making art. 

My passion is to help people unlock their artistic potential, so that they can create the art they want in the way they want.

A healthy mind, body, and spirit all work together to make a balanced and whole artist:

The development of critical thinking, creative, and communicative skills is essential to any student with whom I am teaching. The goal is more than a momentary technical adjustment, but rather to provide the student with the methodical means for success. My goal is to develop a student's mind and curiosity and make him or her a more flexible, knowledgeable, and self-aware artist. Making music or art requires optimizing body and motor skills which requires proper alignment and understanding of sensory perception. Singing is a full-bodied experience, and only through the training of certain physiological functions, anatomical movements, and the releasing of unnecessary bodily tensions can a singer ever truly find the full range of their expression as an artist.  To make music alive also requires a communicative spirit capable of touching us emotionally. My objective is to provide my students and clients with the technical tools to communicate as effectively, healthily, and clearly as they desire. 

I have maintained an independent studio for a number of years. My students are successful professional musicians, music educators, arts administrators, as well as doctors, lawyers, and financial managers. My students have been accepted to music degree programs such as Indiana University, Bloomington, Roosevelt University-Chicago College of Performing Arts, University of North Carolina School of the Arts (Winston-Salem), Ball State University, DePauw University, and Indiana State University. I have presented academic research papers on "The Songs of Ernst Bacon," "Causes and Solutions for Intonation Faults in the Voice Studio," and "The Goals of Opera Workshop."

I am currently a candidate for the Doctor of Music degree at Indiana University, Bloomington - Jacobs School of Music, where I previously earned my Master of Music. My primary voice instructors have included renowned singers and pedagogues such as Heidi Grant Murphy, Dr. Robert Harrison, and Carol Vaness. I have studied vocology and pedagogy with Dr. Brian Gill, Dr. Brian Horne, and Dr. Meryl Mantione. 

I am currently a member of NATS and a former President and Vice-President of the Indiana University chapter of NATS, where I was the 2016 New Voice Educators Symposium Coordinator. I am also a member of The Voice Foundation.


Lessons & Consulting

I am currently accepting students for private vocal instruction, as a master class clinician, and music career consultant. 

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